Comprehensive consultancy services at every stage of your project and defence of your rights before courts

01. Legal Counseling and Judicial Proceedings

International Law

We currently counsel many International Bodies with proposals customized to each Institution’s case and within an environment of strict confidentiality. Furthermore, we have wide experience in formulating and creating international organizations and strategic associations, and we act as consultants for Local Governments and Countries at negotiations of the many agreements and treaties.

Mediation, arbitration and conciliation

We take part in mediation, conciliation and arbitration processes to solve the most diverse conflicts. We possess a working framework that allows us to propose different alternatives to the ordinary Court procedures and which therefore are swifter, cheaper, more agile and confidential. Our goal has always been the search for satisfactory solutions for the parties involved.

Administrative Public Law

We know the Government structure and how its offices work. We have turned this knowledge of these offices into an added value that allows the firm to offer solid advisement to our clients, such as on local and international public tenders.

Foreign Trade and Customs Law

ALS operates at special tax customs zones, Free Trade Zones, customs depots and ports. Helped by a team specialized in Customs Law and proceedings, ALS completes businesses that involve international contracting, international trade, INCOTERMs, and different international payment means.

We also advise about Customs Law – offence and criminal matters - (including franchise regulations among others).

Environmental Law

Counting on specialists in environmental regulations, the Firm counsels on Energy Law, renewable energy, oil, electricity (distribution and generation), as well as on Maritime and Aeronautical Law and Mining Law.

Civil Law

At ALS we deal with all procedures related to Civil Law. From liability in contract and in tort to medical liability, accidents or health care issues.

Family Law

We have a deep knowledge of the regulations and legal procedures that govern human relations. This Department of the Firm works at divorce issues, settlement of marital property, custodies, parental rights and duties, visitation and others.

Intellectual Property Law

We deal with issues related to intellectual property, that is to say, those rights conferred on people or companies because of their intellectual creations. These regulations grant the authors exclusive rights on the use of their creations.

In this regard, we counsel on copyrights and other rights bound to intellectual property.

Commercial and Company Law

Corporate and Company Law is a specific area of knowledge dealt with by a specialist team at ALS. We advise on commercial contracts, trusts, brands, securities, insurance, company formation, consortiums, and joint-ventures.

Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Law requires a detailed knowledge of legal procedures and regulations by which the default on the obligations of a debtor is judicially declared. The Firm’s specialists work on the necessary procedures at the competent bodies to attain an integral solution for the outstanding obligations, either through an agreement or through a forced liquidation of assets.

We integrally advise on bankruptcy proceedings and company liquidations.

Financial Banking Law and Capital Markets

We fully advise on Capital Market issues, Investment banking and offshore investment operations.

Private companies and families rely on our advice within an environment of strict confidentiality to attain the structure they wish.

In this respect, we deal with banking operations, financial trusts, investment funds and securitizations among others.


ALS designs and manages investment projects of different natures. The knowledge of the current Law in this matter and the strategic location of Uruguay as the entry gate for MERCOSUR turn us into a privileged consultant for this field.

Criminal Law

The interpretation of the application of criminal Law requires continuous updates and specialization. At ALS we have an expert team to deal with criminal matters against the individual, fraud and tax offenses among others.

Notarial Services

This Department of our Firm deals with the examination of title-deeds, purchase and sale of real property and personal property, mortgages and other real securities. It also provides document authentication services, legalizations and others.

02. Development and management of Projects

Our mission is to attain the goals under a modern enterprise vision, with a customized attention and efficient services. We respond dynamically and give our clients a palpable added value, so that they can focus on their strategic operations and obtain new business opportunities.

Our vision is to be recognized as integral advisors for enterprises and new entrepreneurs for our quality, added value, professionalism, reliability, discretion, efficiency and customized attention of our services.

We provide an integral service by our professional knowledge of Project development. We strongly believe in team work and experts’ professional collaboration on issues such as tax planning, corporate structures, banking and accounting services, and trading, corporate and banking advising.

We develop projects for the implementation of business ideas and to carry them out with maximum efficiency. We also manage projects centralizing at ALS Global Law & Accounting administrative, banking, accounting, tax, labor and representation tasks.

We currently manage agroindustrial, mining, oil tankers, fishing ships, shipyard and other companies. We also work with Foreign Trade.

Foreign Trade

We work to build structures and companies that maximize the efficiency of international trade operations, forming and managing companies with different competences that guarantee the desired results.

Import and Export Operations.

Invoice issuing, packing-list and other foreign trade documents.

Assistance for banking operations, suppliers, insurance companies, logistic companies and others.

Advising and assistance for operations through the Uruguayan Free Trade Zones.

03. Tax Consulting

We understand tax advising as an integral and central part for company planning. We design a specific proposal for each client with local, international or both solutions for a better execution of the entrepreneurial strategy.

With an up-to-date vision of companies we offer services such as:

Tax planning. Optimization and efficiency of the company’s management.

Settlement and tax payments of government and municipal taxes, and social security contributions.

Law 15.921 of Free Trade Zones. Agreements and consulting in operations and strategies.

Tax Auditing.

M&A. Integral tax assistance with mergers, acquisitions and company’s spin-offs.

Assistance before Auditing Offices.

Investment Projects. Tax exemptions.

04. Accounting Services and Corporations

We provide a wide range of services as outsourced supplier so that we offer the Company and its managers the chance to outsource some operations. We have local or international corporations at your disposal for a quick execution of our clients’ projects.

Among the services ALS offers there are: preparation of accounting plans; accounting data processing, managerial reports, Financial Statement conversions into foreign currency, inflation-adjusted Financial Statements and consolidation of Accounting Statements.

05. Labor

We provide an integral service concerning settlement and advice regarding salaries, wages, work contracts, social security contributions under any labor activity.

Salary payments.

Social Security Contributions.

FONASA computation and payment.

Work contracts.

Outsourcing regulations.

Working spreadsheets and proceedings at the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS).

Proceedings before the Social Security Office.

06. Free Trade Zones and Foreign Trade

With an office located at the Free Trade Zone of “Zonamérica”, ALS provides legal and tax advising for companies that want to settle down at the Free Trade Zone, as well as assistance at the authorization proceedings to operate as a Free Trade Zone user.

These are some of the services we offer:

Proceedings needed by the Company at Government Offices.

Administration of Corporate Books (Minutes Book of Shareholders and Board of Directors Meetings, Meeting Attendance Book, Inventory and balance sheet, labor book)


Computation and payment of salaries.

Payment of Social Security contributions and labor accident insurance at the Social Security Authority and Government Insurance Company respectively.

Mandatory annual submission of a Free Trade Zone report at the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

07. Audits

The deep knowledge of our client’s business, his corporate culture and management profile delimit our audit and control services. We comply with very demanding requisites from third parties as well as our Client’s management needs, who intend to improve their efficiency and assess their business through management analysis.

Our services include:

Financial Statement Audits.

Review Report of Financial Statements

Review of financial projections.

Audit for specific items.

Agreed procedures.

Due diligence procedures.

Internal control system assessment.

Operation and management audits.

08. Immigration and Residency

At ALS we have acquired relevant experience on applying for Uruguayan temporary residency, permanent residency, and minor travelling authorizations at the National Immigration Office and working visas. We also assist our clients on obtaining the Uruguayan identity card, residency at MERCOSUR countries and tax residency proceedings at the relevant authorities.

Our Offices

ALS has its headquarters in Montevideo and also possesses offices at the Free Trade Zone and in the city of Punta del Este.. In 2014 ALS has inaugurated a branch in Paris, France. In Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, the firm has operative links with other practices and professionals to effectively deal with regional proceedings.


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